Week 5 I LOVE HOMEWORK! webD seems to be co0l after all

May 21, 2009

Website analysis = http://www.thisfashion.com.sg

Q1. How  do you find this site?(3words)

Simple,boring and unexciting.

Q2.Who do you think the site is created for?

It targeted audience are within the age group 25~40.
Mostly working adults and housewives.

Q3.What are the good attributes of the site(in terms of usability,      aesthetic issues,etc?)

The good attributes are it being so simple almost every one knows how to use it.Page loading time is fast due to it being a small file size.The Colours and Weightage of the fonts are well applied into the web.

“I think even my grandparents also know how to use it! Laugh out loud!” Clement.

Q4.What are the bad attributes of the site?

In my view I think there are really alot of bad points of this site.
Firstly,it is too example which will bores the viewer within 30 secs they will leave the site
Secondly,the website does not give a feel of fashion,as fashion has attributes of  style, art,design,focal point.
The website clearly shows that the designer did not go through the basic steps and not putting his heart into designing it.
Thirdly,Font colour for heading is to light n does not stand out so it will take some time for the viewer to find what they want.
Finally,too many different types of font used and too little pictures.

“Seriously, This Fashion if you all are really  budget, do  not go to extreme measure to hire a lousy webdesigner! To add on to that ,I do not think that is even a webdesigner rather more of a Dreamweaver software user. (one with is onli smart with software but not the design)” Clement.

I rate that website 1/5 stars


Week 3 I love home work!!!

May 8, 2009

 Website im doing:http://www.kckfood.com.sg/Index.htm


User: users

Week2 Exercise ah!! time to Chiong Sua!!! LOL

May 1, 2009

Q1.What is browser-safe color Palette?

Colour Palette used by browsers
are different from one and another.
The palettes that browsers have  will also look different in PC n Mac
this is due to Maths and calculation and Colour Codes Used 
therefore having a browser-safe palette is important
to prevent the colours used by Webs from
being changed when it is viewed in different
So there was a set of 216 colour values,created
when computer only display 256 colours.
It was used as web-safe colour palette

Q2.Is it still relevant in today’s context? Why?

Not really,As ther are alot of different
platforms used to surf the Web

example :


Because Computers become more personal,the computers
have at least 16-bit and 24-bit colour
And the handphone have at least 16-bit colour
While web-safe colours have a pityful of 216 colour
But Designers are encouraged to use the web-safe colour in
Q3.What are the common fonts face found on PC & Mac?

-Times New Roman

Q4.What is page loading time and how it influence your

Due to the new faster Cable modem used by many.Pages tends to
load faster.Page loading time is during
Surfing to a website
to look for resourses n stuffs,the webpage needs some time to load.

Nowadays having unforgiving people out ther….
almost all of them! O.o

They get very impatience when the page loading time is
long.They hate waiting time thurs it might be even the last
time they visiting the website.
just imagine ur design may be the best in the world
yet the loading time is about 5 mins…. LOL

it simply turn people off!
Causing your website being less visited
if your website has no visitor,what makes you think this
way will make your Design outshine ?

therefore Page loading time affects our Design..

this is Sad.. LOL!


Q5.Read about Web Design Process article above and
        write what you think about it (at least 150 words)

I think this Web Design Process article is indeed value adding.

I learnt that web strategist ,are not web design bloggers,

needs to make desisions.

i think this is the way of being successful and produces

a good web.

it tells what is the steps, almost like a same approach to a

normal design.

The element of design is also included like thumbnails,

researching,typography, composition.

Even giving you the keypoints on producing a good webpage

so whenever you are done wit planning , one can always

refer to all the points he gave.

I was pretty new the keypoints he gave,other then the element

of design, i find the guidelines are awesome!

because it really brings u through the whole process of

making a good web

Great Guidelines to help newbies to kick start and also for

people who wants to be professional.


But most of all, i have learnt alot for his guidelines,

I will refer to them as and when i m designing mine or

any websites  


1week Excercise of WebDesign

April 24, 2009

1. name as many browsers as you can
-Internet Explorer
-Google Chrome

2. what is browser wars
-It is web browsers are competing for dominance in the market.

3. what is an IP address
-It is a numerical Identification to devices using the Internet.

4. what is a url
-For full is  Uniform Resource Locator , it is Web address 

5. what is a good website
-Userfriendly,trackable using Search,no pop outs n accessible all the time

Hello world!

April 24, 2009

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